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Image by Russ Ward



Darren Butler

Owner / Head Tradesman

Darren has over 30 years experience in the industry. With a real passion and a large knowledge in the industry, Darren decided to start his own Metal fabrication business in 2002. 


Jake was the first employee and apprentice at DTB Fabrications in 2006. After more than 15 years with us he has a vast knowledge in all things metal fabrication. He brings loyalty, work ethic and years of experience to our amazing team.

Jake Gilbey



Jayson is a local bloke who started his trade with us in 2014. He's now a qualified tradesman and an asset to DTB Fabrications. Jayson is an excellent tradesman, a great team member and has an unquestionable work ethic. 

Jayson Murphy



Thomas is the eldest son of Darren and Tracey. He's gone on to become a qualified tradesman and has extensive knowledge of the industry. Thomas is a great team member and a huge part of DTB Fabrications.

Thomas Butler



Blair has recently joined DTB Fabrications and has worked in the industry for a number of years. He brings skill and enjoyment to our workplace.

Blair Denis



Lindsay Butler


Lindsay is the youngest son of Darren and Tracey. He is extremely passionate about welding, eager to learn and is excited to have joined the family business.


Tracey Butler

Owner / Office Manager

Tracey has been running the office of DTB Fabrications since its opening, and being a local, loves being able to work with the local community 6 days a week.


Emily Smith

Office Manager

Emily is a local girl who has been involved in many different areas of employment throughout her working life with an extensive background in agriculture.  We are excited that Emily choose DTB to be part of her world.


Elliot is a local lad who started with DTB on a casual basis while we were building our retail department. Elliot is a jack of all trades and an important part of our retail section that is here to welcome you!

Elliot Williamson

Storeman / Retail Assistant

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