Darren Butler: Owner, Head Tradesman

Darren has 34 years’ experience in the industry. With a real passion and a large knowledge in the industry, Darren decided to start his own Metal fabrication business in 2003.The business has grown so much since then and has allowed us to employ and train 7 local young men in the Boilermaking trade.


Tracey Butler: Owner, Office Manager

Tracey has been running the office of DTB Fabrications since its opening, and being a local, cannot wait to be working with the local community 6 days a week.


Natalie Hill: Business Administration

Nat is a local girl who has been involved in many different areas of employment throughout her working life.

Nat will be in the office of DTB Fabrications and is a huge part of our team. Nat has been with us for over 4 years, and we are excited that she choose DTB to be part of her world.


Jayson Murphy: Tradesman Leading Hand

Jayson is a local bloke, who started his trade with us in January 2014. Jayson is now a qualified Tradesman and a massive asset to DTB Fabrications. Jayson is an excellent tradesman, a great team member and an

unquestionable work ethic.


Thomas Butler: Qualified Tradesman,
Metal Fabricator/Boilermaker 

Thomas has grown up in the industry and his skill level shows that he has been around welders and fabricators for many years. Thomas has also successfully completed a course in Machining which we welcome at DTB Fabrications. Thomas is a great team member and a huge part of DTB Fabrications


Joshua King: Fourth Year Apprentice
Metal Fabricator/Boilermaker

Josh is in the fourth year of his apprenticeship, qualifying as a tradesman in May 2021. He came to DTB Fabrications at 19 years of age, he is a local lad who went to Brisbane for a gap year after school finished and then we were lucky enough to be able to entice Josh back and into the DTB Fabrications family. Josh is a great part of our team and is showing skill well beyond his level.